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Happy Birthday to the one and only …. TaeYang !! 


Happy Birthday to the one and only …. TaeYang !! 



Back in the days … I miss this cute side of BB


GD: so yeah..

Man: so what was it? 

GD: sexual.. video..

Man: ohh, porn!

GD: yeah! one of my fans burned a CD of porn for me

Man: on a CD?!?

GD: i mean, there was a letter too.

Man: what did the letter say?

GD: uh.. it said ‘dont watch it with seungri, he’s too young’

Man: did you watch it?

GD: …………………no…?……… i didnt…………. 

People: awwwwwwwwwwwwww 

Man: then how do you know it’s porn?

GD: it.. hahahahahahaha

Man: huh? huh?

GD: seungri told me!

People: booooooooooooo

GD: okay, a little bit. a liiitttle tiny bit.

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TaeYang Instagram Updates 130513



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130510 G-DRAGON world tour ONE OF A KIND in Taiwan


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